Sweet Vanilla Chai Heavenly Whipped Body Butter
Sweet Vanilla Chai Heavenly Whipped Body Butter
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Sweet Vanilla Chai Heavenly Whipped Body Butter

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Feed your skin everyday with my Heavenly Whipped Sweet Vanilla Chai Body Butter, It’s Heavenly Made Just For You!

Your first urge will be to eat it but don’t... Just luxuriate in the awesome smell of sweet vanilla chai with yummy undertones of cinnamon, caramel and marshmallows topped with whipped cream.

This creamy decadent body butter contains three wonder butters, Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Cocoa Butter. It’s absolutely perfect for all of your everyday skincare needs. Use immediately after your shower to lock in moisture, use throughout the day to alleviate dry hands, elbows and feet. Saturate your feet and wear socks overnight to soften hard feet. It is an extremely light whipped formula that penetrates quickly into your skin.


Made from 100% organic and unrefined African shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter. Our luxurious unique creation is meticulously blended with a proprietary mix of seven major organic and unrefined skin-nourishing oils, premium fragrance oils, and/or pure essential oils. Our Heavenly Whipped Body Butters deeply penetrates, heals, and hydrates your skin, leaving you with a divine sensation—allowing you to not only smell, look and feel absolutely Heavenly but embody it!

NO preservatives! Since there are no preservatives these butters are more natural so always remember to use dry hands or the enclosed spoon to extract the butter from the container to avoid contamination. 

Always cleanse skin prior to use. Liberally apply body butter to skin with clean dry hands. Repeat throughout the day to maintain soft supple beautiful skin from head to toe.

Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs!

Store in a cool dry space, out of direct sunlight. **Body butters WILL melt if exposed to extreme heat** but will solidify back to a creamy state when cooled.

Enjoy the reusable 12oz flip jar for sugar, tea bags, cotton swabs etc.

My body butters are made with 100% ORGANIC UNREFINED SHEA BUTTER, MANGO BUTTER and COCOA BUTTER!! Unrefined Shea butter maintains its nutty scent, beige color and its healing properties. Refined shea butter has been chemically treated to remove shea butters natural scent, is bleached white and retains only a small portion of its natural healing properties. The organic unrefined Cocoa Butter also maintains its beautiful cocoa scent which enhances the benefits of my butters.

I use only the best natural products! I make all my body butters to order and whip them until they are creamy and just simply Heavenly! I pipe the butter into the jars with my own hands, a happy heart and a smile :)

My body butters come in a multitude of fun scents, which I also make to order.

Some of the fantastic scents we offer are:

* Black Cherry Pomegranate Wine
* Coconut Almond
* Coconut Passion
* Honey Lavender Vanilla
* Naked Embrace (unisex)
* Pineapple Coconut
* Pink Watermelon Zinfandel
* Sandalwood (unisex)
* Strawberry Banana Split
* Sweet Fennel and White Pear
* Golden Milk (unisex)
* Skittled Pop
* Vanilla Bean Soufflé
* Spiced (Mens)
* Swagger (Mens)
* Water Lily and Jasmine
* White Peach and Hibiscus

Custom order? Different scent? No problem send me a message, I’m excited to create a scent you would enjoy!